So here we go…time for an Intro!


Hey there friends!

For those who don’t know me I’m Brittany– a busy stay at home wife and momma of two boys under two and a 10 year old *bonus* daughter! I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with my babies and watch them grow! My life can get a little crazy… chaotic…what’s another C word…lol  This blog… in all it’s entirety took me three nap times to do…yes I measure in naps. #momlife As I post I’m sure you’ll learn more about me, so keep an eye out!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for my bible journaling for a couple months now- not just to document what each page means to me but also to spread the word a little more. Bible Journaling is such a great way to connect with the Lord in an artistic way. But here’s the deal, I’m no artist… my straight lines are curvy (like even when I use a ruler), my handwriting is much like a doctors, and my stick figures look like they are dancing… unintentionally. I’ve found ways to enjoy this form of art though, in other ways- paint, stamps, stencils, stickers.. all these things usually go into one of my pages. I plan on doing a “Favorite Things” post at some point cause I know when I started out I googled and read different blogs on what people used and I want to be that person for you guys at some point. Warning: Bible journaling suppli18157257_10212809641221024_6556705791504693192_nes can turn into an addiction, so remember that you don’t NEED anything except a bible, a good pen and maybe some colored pencils to start. Remember it doesn’t matter what it looks like, it’s not gonna be perfect! As long as you’re doing it for the Lord, it’s perfect to him! I post my pages on Instagram and Facebook with usually pretty short bits on what I was feeling when I did the page but it’s always a short summary… I want to document (for myself) what part of my heart went into each page. Lucky for you, a blog means I share it with you too! YAY! Please feel free to share bible verses with me, I love finding new ones and reading further! So this will be my very first blog, and from now on I’ll start posting pages on here for you guys to get a peek into my heart a little bit!

Thanks for reading, enjoy the Bible with me!

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3 thoughts on “So here we go…time for an Intro!”

  1. Love it! I am soo excited to read more about what your journaling pages mean you! Keep it up! I am proud of you!!! Love you! ❤❤❤


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