Strong and Courageous 

Hey there! Right now I’m working through the Illustrated Faith devotional “A heart that receives”. I only have one more day left and it’s kind of bitter-sweet. On day 5 it brought us to the story of Joshua being given the task to lead the Israelites into the promised land. The Lord tells him there will be problems but if he will be strong and courageous he will complete his assignment. The verse I highlighted was Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you. Be Strong and Courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”. This is actually my first and only page that features the word “motherhood”, though I’m sure not the last. “Motherhood calls me to be strong and courageous” is what I translated this to. The Lord has tasked me to be a mother, create little disciples that one day will take on the task of spreading the message and creating more disciples! There are days that scare me to pieces, like when my boys are sick and get a fever- or when my crazy 18 month old decides to do another one of his crazy tricks like jumping off his chair or the couch and hits his head on everything(my boy is clumsy). There’s also days I want to break down, like when we found out my baby Colton has to wear a helmet to fix the flat spot on his head. Just thinking about it makes my heart hurt for him, to not get to be a “normal” baby and have to wear a helmet 24 hours a day for 6 months- like how awful does that sound. As a mom and a child of God I am called to be strong and courageous for my children. They only know what we teach them as of right now, and I can’t teach them to be sad and scared over everything- they have to see that because of the Lord we can get through anything! Knowing that the Lord is with me -always- is the main thing that gets me through each one of my semi-hectic days. Through losing friends cause I have two under two and one is breastfeeding and doing anything alone is almost impossible…he’s with me. When I hide in the bathroom to eat a treat that I really don’t wanna share or just to get away from the whining… he’s there with me. Through going to walmart to get groceries with my littles…he’s there with me IN FACT, he’s so with me that he created “Grocery Pick-up” and now someone else shops for me. HALLELUJAH! If we realize that he is with us anywhere we are in life and everywhere we go we should be able to remain calm and be strong and courageous. Better said than done of course, I still get scared, I still get down about things… but He helps me get through it. We have to receive the tasks he gives us, no matter how scary, no matter how different…that’s what we’re called to do. I really like to meditate in my bible and journal whenever I need a little pick me up. Sometimes these devotionals really speak to a special place in my heart, like they were made just for me!

Thanks for reading!

Tools used:
Illustrated Faith Devotional pieces and letter stickers-
Creative Retreat stickers and stamp –
Large Faber-Castell Brush Pen
Prima Chalk Edgers
Cheap Acrylic Paints from Hobby Lobby/Michaels


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