Feed His Sheep

“Feed his Sheep, Create Tiny Disciples” 
During the Illustrated Faith devotional “Free to Flourish” each day talks about a different person in the Bible. On this particular day it was Peter. Jesus asked Peter to simple “feed his sheep”. Did you know…as a mom one of your callings by God are too “feed his sheep” the “sheep” he is referring to are the people…these people include those tiny destroyers running around your house with only a diaper on and throwing everything they see, it includes your little girl that just turned 10 but acts like she just turned 16, it includes everyone. Our mission is to Spread.His.Message! Since I stay at home for a living I don’t see many people often, like seriously I’m losing social skills daily! The best I can do in this season I’m in is spread the message through my bible journaling hobby and also by creating tiny disciples at home. Our daughter is easier, she understands what I’m saying…my babies…well they are too little to grasp- ah to be so innocent and free from crazy chains and sin! We sing songs, go to mommy and me day at the church, pray at dinner, go to church on Sundays, read the baby bible at bedtime…all these things will pay off one day! I honestly can’t wait for the day my tiny disciples start asking questions!  Don’t wait to start creating your tiny disciples! 


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