Oh perhaps…

img_0047Hey ya’ll!

In Esther Chapter 4 Mordecai tells Esther she needs to go in front of the king to try to help the Jews, she knows that going in front of the king without being asked means she could be put to death and basically tells Mordecai “ARE YOU INSANE?!” He tells her that perhaps this is the moment or “purpose” for which she was put here on Earth by God, to do this for the people and save them even if she might parish. So she told the Jews to fast and get ready cause she’s going in and says “if I parish, I parish!” How bold of her. To listen and realize that though this is not something she had in mind, but remembering our world is His so to go forth and do for Him.

Let me get real for a second, I’m only 24 yrs old. Being married to a man with a child with a different woman, and having two boys under two years old and only having an associate degree and living two hours from my family is just not what I pictured my life being right now. BUT I am so blessed. My husband is an extremely hard worker, his daughter is now OUR daughter and I have a great relationship with her mom, she is actually one of my good friends! My boys are my WORLD, and I couldn’t picture this crazy life without them. I do miss my family and wish I had a better degree but I did what I had to do to support myself and now my family. After praying and a couple epiphanies I know that THIS is where I’m supposed to be, and I love my family that the Lord has blessed me with. It’s HARD, I won’t even act like I have it all together, I don’t…and I question what God was thinking all the time… but at the end of the day, if it kills me it kills me cause it’s worth it!

 6103a046d924b6d0367dd53d8e3ae9d9So moms…perhaps this moment- yes right now, while watching Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse for countless hours not knowing what day it is with your top knot on your head and baby spit up on your shirt,and your child screaming at you because he’s hungry and eating those scraps from your child’s lunch cause you don’t have time to make your own plate because the other child has decided to party like it’s 1992 instead of napping- is what you were created for. It may be hard to see it now, but the Lord doesn’t play games!

In this page… it’s crazy! I used all kinds of letters and paints and stamps…ON PURPOSE. My life is crazy, the Lord made sure of that, so I wanted this page to be just as crazy…and I don’t hate it!

❤ Brittany

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