Hey friends!

I was able to squeeze in a quick page this afternoon so I wanted to type a short blog with it! This page isn’t my best work but emphasis on quick…As a mom we have LOTS to do, we have to cook, clean, do laundry, drive to and from, shop for groceries, bathe, clothe and some of us have 9-5 jobs as well all while keeping your kids alive! I have TWO children UNDER TWO years old and I’m here to tell you these things don’t always get done daily…weekly either. Sometimes I stomp around while doing it cause I’m just over it and sometimes I joyfully fold the laundry (hahaha). You know what I’ve realized through this journey though, without Jesus none of these things would be here or necessary and I don’t think I’d be Ohkay without them!

In 1 Corinthians 10:31 it says “whether you eat, or drink or whatever you do- do all to the glory of God.” So let’s think about this big Motherhood picture…whether you’re cooking another meal that you’ll have to clean up afterwards, whether your cleaning up yet another mess made by your toddler…do that for the glory of God…do it humbly and show His light as you do it! Ask your kids to help you prepare dinner, pray before you eat- show the kids a glimpse of Jesus. As you change a diaper sing your baby “amazing grace” or play peek a boo if that’s what you’re good at! Read your kids the Bible bedtime stories and say bedtime prayers thanking Jesus for yet another day that He has given us on this Earth! There’s a way to show Jesus’s love and give all glory to Him in everything you do- yes even folding that pile of laundry! #momlife

❤ Brittany

Also quickly, I recently became a part of the Design Team for the Creative Worship line from Sweet n’ Sassy Stamps! Korin the owner is one of the sweetest women I have had the privilege of helping! I’ve been doing the social media and also recently started doing the newsletter! I LOVE the stamps she has and will be showcasing some soon! Go to the website and shop while EVERYTHING is 25% off right now! www.sweetnsassystamps.com


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