Guest Post | Fearless Motherhood

DSC_0237Motherhood is an experience like no other. It’s joy, and surprise, and sadness, and pain, and grief. It pretty much covers the whole spectrum of emotions. Maybe even all in the same day!

Sometimes fear can creep into that emotional experience.

Am I good enough to raise these little ones? What if I mess them up? Am I as good a mom as so-and-so?

Some days you wake up with these fear ringing in your ears and you can’t seem to shake them. And you hear the whispers all day long.

“You just yelled at your kids, you’re a failure.” “You let your kids sit in front of the TV all day, they’ll never amount to anything now and it’s your fault.”

So many ludicrous thoughts!


Those whispers are fear. Fear is a liar! 2 Timothy 1:7 says that we were given a spirit of power and love, not a spirit of fear. Fear is Satan’s attempt to disarm us, to get us thinking negatively about ourselves and our ability to mother our children.

Let me just repeat: Fear. Is. A. Liar!

The truth is, sometimes we will yell at our kids. And sometimes they will sit in front of the TV all day. But there is grace for these times. We can rest knowing that we can ask for forgiveness and start new tomorrow. These instances will not ruin our children, we don’t have to fear that.


I’ve been loving this song off of Hillsong UNITED’s new album called Not Today. The chorus says

I’ll sing the night into the morning

I’ll sing the fear into Your praise

I’ll sing my soul into Your presence

Whenever I say Your Name

Let the devil know not today

Such good words to remember! Turn your fears into his praises. Don’t let the devil whisper those lies into your heart.

Not today devil, not today!

Spending time daily in the Word helps so much in the fight against fear. My time spent creating in my bible helps me to remember that scriptures when I do experience fear. It reminds me of the power I have inside me! Spending time creating in my bible is my way of saying “not today devil!”

Let’s live in this truth: Motherhood is hard, but fear has no place in our journey.

I’m praying this verse over myself and all you other mothers out there:

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you believe in him so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

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