Guest Post | Proverbs 31 – the Mama Mess


When I read through Proverbs 31, I’m tempted to treat it like a check list.
“Did I make sure all my kids laundry was clean today before they left for school?”
“Did I make sure to pray with them before they went to bed tonight?”
“Am I one that, if my child were asked, they would answer with an affirmative, ‘Yes, she’s my favorite mama in the whole wide world?'”
“Do my kids have coats for this winter that won’t cut them short at the wrists, or close in too tightly around their small-but-growing faces?”

Not that any of this is bad to think about, but when it comes to checklists, to-do’s, and not-to-do’s, I get pretty critical of myself.  I’ve gone to bed many times feeling like a failure for not meeting a need of one of my children at some point during the day.

When Solomon (referred to as King Lemuel here in Proverbs 31) is writing, he’s copying what he remembers of his own childhood, and what his own beloved mama told him.
Good ol’ Bathsheba.  She’s a trooper.  You can picture what it might have been like, watching her children grow and feeling compelled to pass on ANY and ALL understanding she could to them.

Before Solomon, Bathsheba was a hopeless wreck, in her own mind.  I’m sure of it.  After what happened earlier in her life, she probably wondered if there would be any gleam of hope for leaving a legacy worth noting, recording, or even emulating.  She’d be what we call, a “hot mess.”  Man, can I relate!!

“What, o son of my vows… what can I say, son of my womb?”  Her opening is so profound.  Listen as she strains for just the right words to leave with her son, not just so he might live a good and healthy life – but that he would recognize godliness in his future spouse, and continue following God himself.  How many times she must have prayed over that boy!  How many times she must have thought about that boy’s future, wife, destiny, even longevity!  I would have loved to sit and listened to her prayers for her kids.

She’s a great example of a “hot mess” in fear of the Lord.  I feel like if ANYONE knew and understood the kindness and grace of God, it is Bathsheba.  This mama mess from thousands of years ago, is showing that our position in life as a woman, daughter of God, wife to our hubby (king or not), and mother of 1, 2, 12, or 14 kids, is a life worth living in fear and trembling of Almighty Gracious God.  Through the course of her life as queen and mom, she developed an awareness of God to the degree that ANY/ALL qualities of a woman bears fruit by submitting to Him who has power and control of all things.

Proverbs 31 is not a checklist for us to try to uphold – that’s missing the point entirely, something I’m guilty of time and time again!  It’s a call to continue living our lives as the women God made us to be, continually submitting to His Power and Love, and finding hope in messes.  Other places in Proverbs says, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  Like Bathsheba, our lives can be marked with thriving under the leadership of the LORD God, through fire, waves, tumult and battle.

Stay hopeful in God – He’s carrying you in the everyday.  Today, He’s carrying you.  Today, He’s carrying me.  I’ve been struggling the last couple of weeks with thoughts of the future; I’ve become afraid of it, honestly.  I’ve been learning to transfer fear of the unknowns to fear of the All-Knowing.  He’s got it, so I can “laugh” at the future.

My children will not go hungry, without clean clothes (at least not all the time), or need to worry about whether or not I love them.  If I, as the mama mess of the home, continue to fear God, seek His heart, and His will for their lives, they will be just fine.  They will be trained up in the “way they should go.”  They will “rise and call {me} blessed,” in their own ways of course.  😀

Blessings as you seek His face, on the kiddos’ behalf!  Much love and grace from our Lord who bears us up so we can accomplish the “everyday” for house and home!

Much love from me,

Deeds ❤




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