Illustrated Faith Kit- Persevere

Order your new Illustrated Devotional kit by clicking this link!

Hey Friends! For August Illustrated Faith partnered with Dayspring to change up this months kit a bit. Let me tell you…sometimes I really don’t do change, I like knowing what to expect and doing them the same way. This change though… isn’t so bad! Here’s my honest review of the new Illustrated Faith Kit Persevere.

This months kit is titled Persevere and includes a plastic envelope, 4 wks of devo content on 4 decorative cards, 4 lined journaling cards, 3 heart shaped tip ins, 2 sheets of stickers, a stamp set, washi tape, and a lot of cute little paper pieces.

Here’s the cute little plastic pouch, it’s small so it doesn’t take up a lot of space and seems pretty durable. I will tell you I loved the cute pouches it has been coming in, but was kind of trying to figure out what to do with them when it was all over… this is small so it doesn’t take up a ton of space in my journaling bag and holds all of the goodies perfectly!

Instead of a journaling devo book you now get these super cute cards labeled week 1-4. I am excited to try these cards out this month and see how it goes. My only worry is not getting to pull enough content for my pages. I loved having one prompt a day, it kept me more accountable to spend time everyday with the Lord, so I am excited to challenge myself this month!

The stamp set this month is smaller but comes with cute little flowers and leaf branches and coordinating stamps as always. I am totally ohkay with this because to be honest I never used all of the stamps anyways! So if it’s so save money I am all for it!

The paper pieces are so cute! They match the kit and have a lot of gold foil accents which make them SOO much cuter! I don’t use die cuts or paper pieces much in my journaling because I am a picky polly… but my pieces never had gold foil on them!!!

I am 100% using these.

There’s a picture of the washi… I forgot to get a close up picture! It is cute though! Black and white and has the words  “Plant your feet”, “Prepare”, and “pray”. To be honest I don’t LOVE this washi but as I said I am a picky polly and tend to not use washi much when it has words on it. Most of my washi stash is solid patterns and colors. I have washi that will match this kit perfectly so I am not TOO worried about it!

collageGOLD FOIL ACCENTS…yesssssss. Already picturing in my head right now on how I’m going to use these pretties!!

See, the stamps are all super useable and match the kit to a T! So excited to break them in!


I’m going to have so much trouble using these… BECAUSE THEY’RE SO CUTE. Such beautiful artwork done on these and lines on the opposite side to write prayers or thoughts. Or even use them as a post card and send them to a friend with an encouraging word on them!


Last but not least are the two sheets of super cute stickers you get, they’re clear! Plus you also get these cute heart shaped tip ins!

So as you can see there are so many good changes in this kit, I’m sure each month will get better and better! Did I mention that this months kit is only $20?! They are usually $29.99 so they cut the cost while still giving the favorite aspects of the kit! I am such a cheapo so this helps my wallet for sure! I hope you guys decide to get this kit and realize that change and challenge is always good!! I posted a link at the beginning of this blog, but you can also click on the banner below to go purchase your own!

❤ Brittany


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