Meet the Writer

18057912_10212753396854950_3786858731925465226_nHi I’m Brittany!

I am a Texas SAHM to two boys under two and a *bonus* daughter whom I am blessed to help co-parent! I love Jesus and have a passion for bible journaling. I love crafting in my comfort zone and finding ways to better serve HIM in the season I’m in. I spend countless hours watching cartoons and playing peek-a-boo and wouldn’t change it for the world.

I love French fries and pizza with ranch…both of them, I love mixing my hot sauce with melted butter #itsatexasthingyall. [I’m editing to say that my husband and I are trying to take care of our bodies and be healthy and I miss all of these things so incredibly much #thestruggleisreal] I love being outside with my family any day of the year! My husband and I are HUGE Texas Rangers fans -example: both of our boys were named after baseball players.  I have a huge heart and even bigger sense of humor. I have something I like to call “add to cart” addiction…where I shop and shop and make numerous carts but don’t actually get to buy any of it.

 So there’s random facts about me that you probably didn’t care to know but you read anyways! Enjoy my blog where I share my heart with you through my creative worship!