Oh perhaps…

Hey ya'll! In Esther Chapter 4 Mordecai tells Esther she needs to go in front of the king to try to help the Jews, she knows that going in front of the king without being asked means she could be put to death and basically tells Mordecai "ARE YOU INSANE?!" He tells her that perhaps this is the… Continue reading Oh perhaps…

Feed His Sheep

"Feed his Sheep, Create Tiny Disciples"  During the Illustrated Faith devotional "Free to Flourish" each day talks about a different person in the Bible. On this particular day it was Peter. Jesus asked Peter to simple "feed his sheep". Did you know...as a mom one of your callings by God are too "feed his sheep"… Continue reading Feed His Sheep

Strong and Courageous 

Hey there! Right now I'm working through the Illustrated Faith devotional "A heart that receives". I only have one more day left and it's kind of bitter-sweet. On day 5 it brought us to the story of Joshua being given the task to lead the Israelites into the promised land. The Lord tells him there will be problems… Continue reading Strong and Courageous 

So here we go…time for an Intro!

Hey there friends! For those who don't know me I'm Brittany- a busy stay at home wife and momma of two boys under two and a 10 year old *bonus* daughter! I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with my babies and watch them grow! My life can get a little crazy... chaotic...what's another C… Continue reading So here we go…time for an Intro!